Apr 15, 2024

A Dynamic Family Business

The Blends

Uniting Passions, Shaping Well-Being

At the heart of auria™ lies a dynamic family. Each member brings a wealth of diverse experiences from the worlds of medicine, nutraceuticals, healthcare management, and beyond. United in our mission to redefine well-being – we weave the harmony of Yin and Yang into the fabric of our brand and committed to infusing every decision and blend with balance, holistic health, and a transformative impact.

Distinct Paths, United in Purpose

Our journey to auria™ began from personal quests for balanced health – making us living embodiments of the brand’s core values. The diverse paths we travel enrich auria™ with lived experiences that guide our vision and dynamic family business.

The Heartbeats Behind auria™

Alex M. Michaelides | Chief Wellness Officer

The youngest of the group, brings a unique blend of data analytics, human resources expertise in healthcare, and a deep understanding of holistic wellness. Did you know he’s a yoga teacher? It’s his unique blend of experiences and his dedication to nurturing the whole person – that pushes our brand ethos further and making sure we all stay balanced. He is the embodiment of our Inspire Kindness value.

Carly K. Alarcon | CEO

Carly’s execution and leadership skills drive auria™ forward. Prior to auria™ – she was an executive at a nutraceutical ingredient manufacturer, and early in her career worked with small to medium sized pharmaceutical manufacturers. Her roles have expanded as she is now a mother – living the daily work/life balance challenges. Her commitment to authenticity and empowerment is our foundation – and brought auria™ to life. She is the embodiment of our Foster Responsibility value.

Dr. Eduardo J. Alarcon | Chief Scientific Officer

Is a practicing physician. Cuban born, Puerto Rican raised, US educated and trained, Dr. Alarcon is our gatekeeper for scientific integriity. Originally studying for his PhD in Pharmacology, Dr. Alarcon pivoted to medical school – where he would graduate from the University of Miami and train in Family Medicine. Starting and exiting several healthcare ventures – along with continuing to practice medicine – Dr. Alarcon in the early 2010s continued advancing his medical career with additional fellowships in Regenerative and Anti-aging medicine. His dedication to lifelong learning ensures that every auria™ blend is rooted in scientific efficacy and holistic care. He is the embodiment of our Learn Excellence value.

Victor E. Alarcon | Chairman | Chief Strategy Officer

Victor is the strategic muscle behind auria™. Currently, he is a healthcare executive and uses his direct experience and insights to develop our evolution. In 2014-2015, he got his healthcare centric MBA to expand his network and learn about other aspects of the healthcare delivery process. While studying, he also attained Lean Six Sigma Certifications and an Advanced Global Health Administration Certificate. In his personal life, Victor studies various topics intensely and is a frequent traveler – domestically and internationally. His additional studies and travels led him to realizing the importance of a holistic impact and the need to evolve how we do business. He is the embodiment of our Evolve the Future value.

United in Well-Being

Bound by our dynamic family ties and driven by a shared mission – our diverse backgrounds empower us to view health through a holistic lens. Our approach fosters a full community movement towards collective well-being.

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