The Power of Alignment

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Finding Your Flow | Pt. 1

Ever heard slow is smooth and smooth is fast? That’s the power of alignment. It is when everything in our life feels and fits ‘just right’ – when our thoughts, feelings, and actions come together smoothly. Let’s see how in the first of our LIFE Lessons series.

What is Alignment? What is a Flow State?

Alignment is “the act of aligning or state of being aligned” is the “proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts in relation to each other”. In simple terms, the power of alignment or living in alignment is when we are in a state of our actions, beliefs, behaviors, intentions, and thoughts are in proper position or adjustment with each other. As it was mentioned above – when things fit ‘just right’ and smoothly.

Similarly, a flow state or ‘being in the zone’ “is a mental state of being completely absorbed, focused, and involved in the activities at a certain point in time as well as deriving enjoyment from being engaged in that activity.” Generally, getting into a flow state is extremely hard and requires challenges. However, understanding the power of alignment is the first step. Let’s dive into some examples where we see states at work.

Nature Shows Us the Way

Nature is full of perfect timings and patterns. Just like a flower knows when to bloom, or a bear knows when to hibernate, nature thrives on rhythms. These rhythms bring balance, teaching us to flow with the cycles of life. Spending time in nature – like taking a quiet walk in the park – helps align our internal rhythm with the external world that refreshes our mind and spirit.

When We Feel ‘In Sync’

NSYNC is not just a 90s boy band. It is about the times when everything seems to click. Remember that time you effortlessly finished a project or had a conversation that felt genuine and deep? That’s alignment in action. Recall a time when everything felt “just right.” How did it make you feel physically? Light? Energized? Relaxed?

Choosing Our Direction

It’s good to have goals. It’s also important to be open to change along the path to our goals. Life is like dancing to your favorite song. While it’s great to know the steps, sometimes you’ve got to freestyle based on your rhythm – stay in tune and being ready to improvise! This helps align where you want to go with where you are now. Visualizing your goals and imagining the many paths leading there helps prepare for the changes along the way. Remember, the journey matters as much as the destination.

Getting Back on Track

Ever felt like a puzzle piece trying to fit in the wrong place? Sometimes things don’t go as we planned, and  we may feel lost or off-balance. It’s okay! It is a redirection to finding our way back to what aligns most with us at each moment. Most importantly, it’s okay to pause, reassess, and find where you truly belong and are going. When feeling lost, take a “me-time” break. It could be meditating, reading, or simply sipping your favorite tea. These little moments often hold the clarity we seek.


Try a simple daily practice:

  • Start your day with a grounding ritual | perhaps a deep breath, a set of stretches, or a positive affirmation.
  • At the end of your day, reflect on the flow of the day.
    • Were there moments when things felt forced or were they in flow?
    • Were there moments that you had challenges? How did you respond – with force or with smoothness?
  • Gently understanding both the triumphs and challenges of our days – while being compassionate to ourselves – illuminates the path towards the power of alignment and flow states.

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