Is It A Remix or Original?

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Tradition and Innovation | Pt. 1

Is anything original or is it just a remix from one era or another? The natural wellness trend in modern science owes a lot of credit to the indigenous knowledge and oral traditions of our ancestors. That knowledge in turn feeds more innovation as we rediscover more. In the first part of our Ingredient Insights series – we’ll explore tradition and innovation in simple ways, and then move on to how can we all benefit – while being mindful of the work left to do of its impact.

Cherished Legacies

Traditions are more than just repeated actions passed over time – they are the wisdom in action of our ancestors – offering us a connection to our roots, comfort and stability. Think of how traditional recipes or rituals have a unique way of bringing families and communities together – that “great family recipe”. It’s a shared experience that creates bonds and memories.

The Spark of Novelty

While traditions connect us to the past, innovations are gateways to the future – introducing fresh perspectives that help us adapt to changing times. Yet, some modern “innovations” are just movements that return us to the ways of the past. Consider the rise of organic and farm-to-table movements – these are just modern takes on age-old practices of eating natural and locally sourced foods.

Balance in Blending

Achieving harmony between tradition and innovation is like crafting a well-cooked dish. It’s not about favoring one over the other. It’s about ensuring both in a complementary way that enhances each other. Think of fusion cuisine – where age-old recipes are given a modern twist that results in exciting new flavors – honoring both worlds.

Personalizing Your Blend

It’s crucial to understand what traditions and innovations resonate deeply with you and where to make room. It’s about creating a blend that suits you – while ensuring homage to where it came. Do you love a particular family tradition? How might you preserve the essence of it while modifying it in practice?

Insightful Intentions

Reflect on a tradition that you cherish – perhaps a family meal, holiday, or a specific ritual. Now, add your spin to it. How would it look? Think about how it would feel if someone took it as their own without your permission. This is the mindful embrace and impact of the fusion of tradition and innovation.

Add to Our Recipe

Share your personal blend of tradition and innovation. How have you infused new life into your traditions? How have new innovations led you back to traditional wisdom?

Let’s Blend the Two Some More

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